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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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you lost what you love in a mass of details.
dinosaur roar

jessica and nathaniel FINALLY left my house at about 12:15am last night (er, this morning?). jessica was here for almost TWELVE HOURS!!! holy crap. skye and amy were here for awhile as well. after they left and after i cleaned up our belongings (which were strewn EVERYWHERE), i finally hopped into bed at 12:45am only to reawaken at 5:15am because guess what? i work 6am-2pm.

then my group is meeting back here at 2:30pm.

AND I STILL HAVE TO WRITE MY PAPER!!! GAAAAAAA. well, it's written but it's horrible. there are not enough hours in the day!!!!

a big thank you to jordan for bringing over about half of his closet for me, and also to kathy, who stayed up long after nathaniel and jessica left editing part of our video for us. thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

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i still dont understand why he brought over clothes... (totally confused) maybe you're in love with him. lol

kristen, don't worry about the paper. everything will work out in the end. i promise. our project is going to be so incredibly awesome. =) we are the best group ever.

It was fun. I had nothing better to do while Jeremy and Paul were playing war craft. :D

I used to love working on those projects. This is going to sound dumb: at least a couple of my favorite high school memories are from Seminar.

Not that any of high school was really that great, so I guess it's no shame to say that. :)

Writing papers was fun too. The personal narrative, the descriptive paper, and the experience paper were my favorites.

i <3 english seminar!

what did you write your experience paper about, jeff? i am curious. i remember mrs. porter read part of your descriptive paper aloud and it was absolutely amazing. :)

I found myself, through a slightly strange but not SUPERweird twist of events, walking alone at night through Flint last winter. I wrote about that. I was happy because I navigated everything by myself, and I managed to avoid getting mugged and stuff. Usually I'm much too incompetent to do anything by myself. So I wrote about how it was kind of an empowering experience.

And I liked my descriptive paper too. When colleges asked for a sample of academic work, I chose to send the descriptive paper. I like it when Mrs. Porter reads my papers. :)

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