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tough girl in a push-up bra.

so today was the almighty english presentation. our video rocked. otherwise, i felt like we were sort of clumsy and unprepared. youch.

anyway. tomorrow i am leaving to go up north with lori. but before that, i am hanging out with mike. (that's right, dyke finally decided to make time for me!) i told him i was going to get my check and then to get some stuff in fenton and he asked if he could be my chauffeur. i said sure and he said he likes driving my dad's car (so THAT's why he wants to drive....pffft). well, i like driving my dad's car, too. sunroof & cd player, it doesn't get any better than that. ooooo and automatic locks! mmmmmm.

work the past couple of days has been really boring. and by boring i mean REALLY boring. kevin is always clocking out as i'm clocking in. he is my favorite mcdonald's person, besides brittany.

i am tired but i haven't packed for up north, showered, or studied for calculus.

maybe in the morning, eh?

i also have NO CLUE what i am going to do my experience paper about for english! arrrgh!

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