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kill myself from the inside out.

this weekend was soooooooo hectic. after rescuing lori from her car accident, mike and i went to pick up my paycheck, then to the bank and the bridal store in fenton. mike hated the teal dress that i showed him so i guess it's back to good 'ol orange (i like that dress better anyway).

then the pep band game was okay. i was kind of tired. afterwards i went with mary, tonie, and lori to mcdonald's in argentine, where they were trying to close (it was 9:58pm) but we ordered anyway! haha, we pissed them right off. shamrock shakes are the best! plus they gave us free food that they were just going to throw away (extra fries, double cheeseburgers instead of cheeseburgers in the happy meals ... haha, cool).

i spent the night at lori's friday night. saturday morning we headed for benzie up north. it was an okay trip. i didn't have that much fun, but i am still glad that i went. there were these four HUGE saint bernards where we stayed, and i am NOT a big dog person. big dog person as in BIG dog person; little dogs i can handle. medium dogs, too. but these things were the size of ponies! i kid you not.

and at the mounds, i swear i have never seen so many drunken people in one place. these one guys were shouting, "hey, look at them hookers over there .... SHOW US YOUR FUCKIN' TITS!" (this was directed at mary, lori, and me, and was quite possibly the funniest thing i have ever experienced.)

today i was feeling kind of down in the dumps, despite the fact that i won extra credit in calculus. i also found out friday from mr. boudreau that i was nominated (out of all the people in my senior class) for the robert c. byrd scholarship. and my american problems grade went up to a 100.5% (how that happened, the world will never know; i'm convinced mr. totzke hates me). i have all of these things i should be happy about and i am still stressed. i want dad to be home.

well, mike ditched out on hanging out with me today, so i think i will be heading up to the mall with matt & nathaniel & some other people. should be fun! chinese food ... yummmmmmm!

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