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stop burning bridges.

ahhhhh, working sooooooo much! not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. good because i am bringing in the bucks (i am the highest paid teenager at the hartland mcdonald's). got my check tonight because they decided they can give them out on thursdays in order to avoid the mass hysteria of giving out everyone's checks on friday. my check was for $76.94. next week's is going to be even bigger due to my massive 19-hour week this week. ohhh, and we got mystery shopped while i was working on tuesday, so i am going to be getting a bonus! ROCK FREAKING ON!

the mean kids at work today were talkin' smack about chelsea cox's sister, jessica, so i told them to lay off because i know her and happen to like her. ha. =p

the vonmaur store in ann arbor called and the dress i had them order is in. now the dilemma is deciding what dress i want to buy for freaking prom! i am love with the orange one at boyd's bridal, but it is soooooo expensive. and today i got a coupon in the mail for bridal corner. what to do, what to do. *pulls hair out*

gotta pre-order this year's warped tour tickets, too! woo!

"Stop burning bridges;
Drive off of them so I can forget about you."

- Fall Out Boy

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