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don't burn out or fade away.

arrrrr. last night i worked 6-9pm. it was my shortest shift this week and yet it seemed the absolute longest. maybe that's some indication that today's 7am-3pm shift won't feel quite so long. i mean, 8 hours is even longer than i spend at school every day. at least i'm rakin' in a lot of money. and kevin's been at work the last two days i've been there! yay for kevin. i haven't seen brittany law in awhile, though, and that makes me sad because i like her.

i turned in my paperwork so i can have my paychecks directly desposited into my savings account. talk about cool. no more having to find time to go get my check! woot.

sunday i am going to briwarwood mall in ann arbor to check out that prom dress & such. tonight is the rock show at the fenton community center, then party at matt's house! haha. should be a fun evening. the weekends are always over so soon! (and notice how mike has absolutely no involvement in my plans?)

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