February 12th, 2004

dinosaur roar

data match is fun! haha.

so for the first time in four years i actually bought my data match results instead of just filling out the form.

::drumroll, please::

matt kremke -- 58%
jordan eddy -- 55%
daniel nestorovski -- 55%
mike mcgreevy - 52%
nathaniel giddings -- 45%
jason devriese-- 45%
levi schultz-- 45%
eric eagle -- 42%
bill eichenberg -- 42%
eric couser -- 42%
tony hunt -- 42%

(okay, okay, so mike was on the "other grades" list but i combined him with the list of seniors just for fun. no one else on the other list was any good ... grant schneider?! give me a break.)

well, i'm off to work, then amanda's coming over later to work on giant foam playing cards for our english presentation (don't even ask.....)

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