March 11th, 2004

dinosaur roar

kevin is the coolest coworker ever.

today at work kevin paid me back the $3 i lent him. i have to admit, i was mighty impressed.

then i was working front window (kevin was on front counter), and he knew some girl who came through the drive-thru so he was talking to her. after she left i looked at him, gave him this huge pouty face and said, "kevin, i can't believe you're cheating on me." he came right back at me with, "ME cheat on YOU? YOU'RE the one who brings your other boyfriend in here all the time!"

it was humorous.

then he tried to hit on me by asking me about eight times what i am doing tomorrow (friday) night. he claims that after tomorrow he's going to be grounded for exactly 18 weeks due to the 3 C's he will be receiving on his report card, so tomorrow is his last night of freedom and he wanted to hang out.

i never thought i'd like working at mcdonald's so much. my last two checks were for $113 and $103 .. wooooo!

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