April 16th, 2004

dinosaur roar

farther than ever before.

last night was wonderful. i worked 8-1pm at good 'ol mcdonald's. i came home, showered, then proceeded to take a 2.5 hour nap. a couple guys were over here tearing up our linoleum because we're having a new floor put in. they were super noisy, but somehow i managed to sleep anyway. [our house is all reorganized to account for the new floor being put in; i just tried to get milk out of the refrigerator .. this turned out to be quite difficult due to the fact that the fridge is now in the dining room, wedged between the stove and the table.]

after mike got out of work last night, we went out for dinner at the fenton hotel. rachel gutierrez seated us. mike looked gorgeous and smelled really good, too. we ordered so much food! we had bread and spinach dip with tortilla chips. mike had french onion soup and salmon florentine, and i ate seafood alfredo and a ceasar salad. i have never had such an awesome salad in my life! dinner was amazing. oh, and mike ordered strawberry cheesecake which i ended up helping him eat. we managed to accumulate a $58 bill. good thing i had a gift certificate good for two dinner entrees. :)

on the way out, mike offered me his arm and it was so cute. then we realized we forgot our boxes of food so mike ran back inside to get them. i got to start the truck. vroom vrrroom. we are so awesome.

today i work 7-10am (YAY FOR A SHORT SHIFT!). afterwards i am going tanning and then shopping for michael's birthday present. i can't believe it's the day before and i haven't bought it yet! yikes!

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dinosaur roar

work ... *sigh*

so somehow my 7-10am shift turned into 7-2pm. chris can talk me into anything, i swear. but i got my paycheck ($63) and i now got 32 hours in this week! ROCK ONNNN!! my paycheck next week is going to be so huge, it'll pay off my new printer expenses.

now i'm off to buy mike's birthday present. woo!