May 7th, 2004

dinosaur roar

three feet in a box.

yesterday was quite possibly the best day i've had all year! besides maybe prom and the get up kids concert and shelter[ed] cutting a demo cd. oh, and the phantom planet show. so many good things have happened lately!

mike, matt, and i skipped school (with parental permission, of course!) and hung out in east lansing for the day. we had really good bagels at cosi for breakfast. then we went shopping at gap, urban outfitters, and all these other miscellaneous stores. we checked out splash of color, which i think is where i am going to get my tattoo (it is nice!).

for those who don't know, my tattoo inspiration came from the francesca lia block story ice. it's going to incorporate a fish (i think i've settled on a koi with elegant fins) and a mirror with a really ornate handle. maybe a flower and stormy looking water as well. i haven't decided aaaaaall the details, but i get all excited just thinking about it!

we met up with liz hanak, who, as mike pointed out, is quite good looking and nice. we went to her dorm in case hall and i decided i don't hate case hall so much anymore (the all-guys floor i had toured before smelled something awful!).

i can't wait to go to michigan state!

today is the top ten luncheon, which means i'm missing half of the school day [again!]. the only class i actually have to make up stuff for is french. go me!

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