June 20th, 2004

dinosaur roar

open house shizzy

today was my open house and it was a really good time. matt and i went to get ice from mcdonald's early this morning. as for the open house itself, a lot of people i wasn't expecting to show up did ... and a lot of people who i kinda thought would be there weren't.

jeff says that when i play piano i look something like a cross between pissed and about to cry. heh.

i wish i could have an open house every year. it's not every day that tim kaza gives you a hug.

last night i hit up ryan's birthday party. a WIDE variety of people were there, and so many of them, too! i don't see how ryan can even BEGIN to say that nobody likes him. *shakes head* i also realized i've kinda missed alex a little - seeing him reminds me so much of last summer.

today i went to jordan and caitlyn's open houses after my own was done. at jordan's open house, our lady peace was playing on the stereo and i said to alex, "remember when we drove to brighton last summer and we screamed this cd the entire way?"

tonight i hung out at ryan's again and went to karen's bonfire. good food, good company, good music - you can't go wrong.

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    jack off jill - fear of dying
dinosaur roar

je veux juste une derniere danse.

good news for matthew: i have located my kyo cd. it was in my room, just not alphabetized yet. whew!!!!!

today i finished all 31 thank you notes i had to write and worked 7.25 hours.

mike is gone all this week and i won't even have time to notice. i work a total of 31 hours, have a telephone interview with MSU's housing department, a chiropractic appointment, ska band practice, and my AOP this thursday/friday. BUSY!

gotta head to bed .. i work at 6am every shift this week.

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    bright eyes - no lies, just love