July 21st, 2004

dinosaur roar

the past is never far.

i'm leavin' tomorrow for quebec city! well .. i guess we aren't technically departing until friday morning/afternoon, but we are meeting up at michigan state tomorrow at 2pm. i am almost packed. i think. i narrowed it down to four pairs of shoes (THAT is quite an accomplishment). i'm taking a laptop computer and everything.

i must remember to take my alarm clock. should i take cds? i don't know if i should take cds. then i'd have to take a cd player ... and ALL of my cds because i would feel bad leaving any of them behind ... and that's just a lot of stuff to take. haha, sorry for the ramble.

anyway, this trip should be fun! oh crap. i also have to buy a notebook. in all the excitement i kinda forgot i have to attend a class while i'm up there. :D

well, i'm off to work 11am-2pm. scott & katy won't be there today. :( those two seriously LIVE at the hartland mcdonald's. scott stayed like 3 extra hours yesterday, then just hung out in the parking lot. crazy! if i remember correctly, kevin & brittany work today, so that's the second best combination. au revoir!

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