August 12th, 2004

dinosaur roar

i will save these words for you.

next week is my last week at mcdonald's (at least until i come home for breaks from school)! steve did the scheduling so i have kinda funky hours .. but that's cool. i will also be home all alone next week ... boring! i've been told i should host a movie night or something ... who's with me?!

sun 8/15 - OFF
warped tour!

mon 8/16 - work 12-7pm
hang out w/nathaniel(?)

tue 8/17 - work 12-8pm

wed 8/18 - work 11am-7pm

thurs 8/19 - work 4:30-10:30pm

fri 8/20 - work 2-9pm

i am really excited for sunday. i want to see fall out boy and meet up with all the quebec kids! i <3 amanda. oh! i tried to call kateri twice today, and it told me her "phone is being checked for trouble". weird stuff. at this rate, i'll never talk to my roommate!

i'm feeling the "get a new piercing" urge and am having a hard time resisting. i'm settling for looking at new body jewelry instead. i could really use some jewelled flat tip cbrs. *drools*

they're beautiful! (also expensive!) look! okay, polling the audience: should i get pink tourmaline or blue zircon?

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dinosaur roar

heartstats! haha.

aren't you guys just sick of these lj things? i thought so. but this one is too cute.

Pixiemab and Ravvivato
  • Might adopt a handful of rockin' children.
  • Are aspiring to read far too often.
  • Have developed gills for extended kissing.
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dinosaur roar

fast asleep at the wheel.

i received my new checks in the mail today. i have little mermaid checks now, yes i do! ariel is HOT.

i took pictures of my hair today. this is my favorite one:

in a little bit i'm leaving for emily's house .. then i'm off to the alanis morissette/barenaked ladies concert. should be a grand, Grand, GRAND time.

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