August 13th, 2004

dinosaur roar

alanis & bnl.

so last night i went with mike, matt, and devon to see alanis morissette & the barenaked ladies at DTE. some guy named mark mcadam opened. he played one song that sounded like it was about masturbation ... "you make it too hard, you make it too hard".

then .. alanis! i was so afraid that she would play all of her newer stuff and totally ignore jagged little pill (which happens to be the only cd of hers i own). but exactly the opposite ... she played mostly old stuff! "you oughta know" was AMAZING. i was like, "you guys! she's gonna say 'fuck!'!" and she did. she also did something totally new to the song "not the doctor". at first i didn't recognize the song AT ALL ... it was in a new key and everything ... but then i realized the words were familiar. i'm going to see if there is a live version of that song available for download.

after alanis morissette's set, mike, devon, and i made a bathroom trip. it took foreverrrr, but i guess that can only be expected. at this point, i stated to notice that DTE was full. like REALLY full. fuller than i've ever seen it. i guess that's what happens when a show is sold out.

so, barenaked ladies. mike is always raving about how "awesome" they are live, and i believed him, but i wasn't expecting them to be SO GOOD. i'm not even a huge fan, but i found i knew a surprising amount of words. the shopping cart dance WAS pretty cool. and the impromptu rapping was also quite amusing ("barenaked ladies is the name of this band, we come from about here on the hand"). i was pretty impressed. i actually came home and downloaded a bunch of their stuff. w00t.

i don't know what i'm doing tonight.

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