September 19th, 2004

dinosaur roar

don't get burned by your lucky star.

today was a really good day .. despite the fact that MSU lost the big game vs. notre dame. and even though i didn't get to march in the game. i really want to make the next block ... it's the video game show! and perhaps by some miracle a whole bunch of upperclassmen trumpet players will not want to go to the indiana game next weekend. doubtful, but hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

joe (pretty boy joe from my squad) was SO flirting with me at the game every time we did the "gooooooooo defense" cheer in the stands.

i was amused at band today:
"i just want to know one thing .... do you have any fantasies?"

"he's from the U.P., oh YAH!"

KRISTEN: i don't know what's going on!
CHRIS: well, right now we're doing the series.


how many piercings is too many? i feel the urge!

i have a big calc test on monday. there is also a huge biology exam on thursday ... and a lab quiz on friday. bahhhh!! it's going to be an extremely busy week ... thankfully i have tomorrow to CATCH UP ON SLEEP!!!!!

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dinosaur roar

amend to previous entry:

i totally forgot to mention in my last entry a very funny thing that happened to me. last night, on my way back to hubbard from the football game, i was riding my bike in full uniform and carrying my (well, okay, NATHANIEL's) trumpet.

there were a lot of people out ... cars and pedestrians alike. i was rounding the corner at akers and these three guys were walking. one of them (who i might add was attractive) said, "hey sweetheart, play your trumpet for me and i'll suck your dick."

...what the hell?? can we say DRUNK?

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