November 29th, 2004

dinosaur roar

we tried to make everything okay.

man ... i had no time to write all weekend. let's see ... where did i leave off? friday. worked 5am-1pm. pretty uneventful. sam couldn't come visit me so i was a little disappointed, but not totally distraught. my parents & kathy met me at mcdonald's after my shift and we drove down to novi to do some shopping at twelve oaks mall. that mall makes me depressed because the prices are so high. it cost me $5 to eat a taco there!

anyway - at twelve oaks i bought christmas gifts for amy, whitney, kc, and kathy. i also bought a really pretty amy brown fairy patch for my messenger bag, but i left it at home. :( oops.

saturday i worked 5am-1pm once again. i came home, showered(!), and took a much needed nap. then nathaniel and i went down to great lakes crossing for a few hours. i bought a $4 shirt from american eagle that says "excuse my french". then nathaniel and i stumbled upon this huge aeropostale sale that was too good to pass up. i bought a pair of jeans and an adorable courdoroy jacket for $20/each. i also purchased the entirety of matt's christmas present and a new Collapse ) for myself. i only have a few people left to buy for now.

nathaniel, charisa, and i stopped at steak & shake on the way back from great lakes crossing. mmmmmmmmmm, peach milkshakes!! nathaniel and i popped by common grounds to say hi to jeff and a few other people (i got a huuuuuuuuge hug from ryan! YAY! i forgot what good hugs he gives!). we stopped by matt's house and hung out with him for a little while. matt was supposed to go shopping with nathaniel and me in the first place, but his mom was mega late arriving home.

oh oh oh oh! the most classic piece of my weekend:
"kristen, i never thought i would say this, but i should have listened to you." - matthew james kremke

ohhhhhhhhhh, who was right? who was right?! (yes, i know it's a rarity!)

i also owe nathaniel a LOT of money. shit.

yesterday (sunday) i worked 8:30am-2:30pm. i got to sleep in until a whopping 7:45am! it felt SO good. my dad was supposed to bring me back at 6am this morning, i but i decided i needed a day to really SLEEP in. so i came back with matt & nathaniel last night. we dropped my stuff off at hubbard and then booked it back to case where we proceeded to have a "movie night". this consisted mostly of me watching dogma with melissa, sam, and mason. i kept dozing off and sam kept saying, "kristen, your neck is going to hurt so bad tomorrow! kristen!" so then i would wake up but i just kept falling right back to sleep.

i brought my lava lamp and a christmas tree back from home. i <3 my dorm room so much. i also brought back a few cds i had been craving, including the spice girls "forever". (don't ask me why because i am not quite sure myself.)

moral of the story: never work every day of a break from school. i feel like i never had any time off at all. in fact, being back at school feels like more of a break than being at home did!

shelter[ed] is love
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so true, so true :)

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