December 25th, 2004

dinosaur roar

sick cycle carousel.

i have deduced that my life occurs in four year cycles. right now i feel exactly the same way i did around christmastime my freshman year of high school: under appreciated, overwhelmed, and impossibly lost.


  • broke up with a boyfriend november 2000 - broke up with a boyfriend november 2004
  • spent christmas 2000 alone - am currently spending this christmas alone
  • freshman year of high school i received a drumset for christmas - this year i received a trumpet
  • first semester freshman year i received the worst grades of my high school career - right now my college gpa is 2.75
  • freshman year i had a two and a half week fling with alex - right now i am parading around several boys i have absolutely no real interest in

    while we're reminiscing...
    christmas is in one week. wow. it came FAST this year. like extremely. this entire year is flying by. if high school goes by at this rate, tomorrow i'll be in college. *shakes head* i sort of can't wait. everyone will go their separate ways. maybe then everyone will grow up. i for one am getting the hell out of michigan. maybe go somewhere warm. somewhere with an ocean.

    you can't have everything. you don't always get what you want. some people will always love you .... some never will. don't waste your time on the ones who won't.

    my parents just gave me a memosa (or as mike would say, a "medusa"). mmmmm.

    paycheck for last wednesday through saturday = $139.77

    the filling that i had fixed on my front tooth ten days ago broke off AGAIN. i was also informed last week that i will probably have to have my wisdom teeth removed this summer. dentists suck.

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    dinosaur roar

    & so this is christmas.

    christmas this year was .... different.

    nathaniel tagged along with my family to midnight mass. i must have dozed off at least eight separate times (i guess that's what i get for waking up at 4am and working an eight hour day on three hours of sleep and not taking a nap!). neal walked by our pew while nathaniel and i were playing games on our cell phones ... he leaned in and was like, "i'm sorry, sir, but there are no cell phones allowed in this building." after neal walked away, nathaniel said, "oh my gosh, i thought neal was a woman." what's funny is i thought exactly the same thing at first.

    my mom and sisters played a trick on my dad by putting a picture of the cover of spiderman 2 over the box of the sims 2 computer game. (giving my dad the sims game and its various expansion packs has been a family joke for years.) so my dad thought he was getting a DVD when really he got the sims 2. now all he's done all day is bitch about how he can't watch a movie. "where's my 'piderman?"

    speaking of DVDs, i have now inherited a DVD player. my dad got a new surround sound system for christmas, and the new monitor for it includes a DVD player, a five disc cd-changer, and all this other crap, so they didn't need the old DVD player anymore. now i won't be the only kid at msu with only access to VHS. :)

    here's the dish on the goods:

  • 16g rook & tragus piercings (matthew)
  • bach omega trumpet (mom & dad)
  • gorgeous blue 7/16" pearl essence tunnels (mom & dad)
  • vintage posters calendar (mom & dad)
  • miscellaneous socks and underwear (mom & dad)
  • lip gloss & eyeliner (mom & dad)
  • $25 victoria's secret giftcard (mom & dad)
  • two new pairs of plugs (kc)
  • three books & and an eiffel tower pillow (kathy)
  • spartan hat with FUZZY POM POM (grandma & bill)
  • really cute long underwear that are grey with STARS (grandma & bill)
  • $20 (grandma & bill)
  • $50 (uncle ken & phyllis)'s to wishing it was last year.
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