April 2nd, 2005

dinosaur roar

end of the love songs (words just don't belong).

new livejournal layout featuring shelter[ed]'s "summer fling" which i have had stuck in my head for quite some time now.

last night was fun. brian and joe are so kickass. and i totally got to sit shotgun all night. i am still sore at brian, though, for not telling me he knew members of ettison clio (i met stephanie and john last night at blake's)!! and we played a killer game of kickball. it was so hardcore, i fell all over myself and joe kept telling me i was a liability to the team .... until i made a CRUCIAL out that involved leaping with arms outstretched to catch the ball.

so far today i've woken up, showered, eaten lunch, studied for journalism, and now i am about to go tanning and running.

today is matthew's birthday and of course the big MSU game! it's going to be nuts. i have plans to hang out with matt and nathaniel and sam and mason (and possibly others?). oh how i miss my case boys (and yes, mason, you count as a case boy, too)!

...will possibly update more later.

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