July 25th, 2005

dinosaur roar

this is how a heart breaks.

so this afternoon i drove to marshall music to buy valve oil and nearly turned the WRONG WAY onto a one-way street. who designs a four lane one-way road?! gahhh. lucky for me, i stalled my car ... or i would've pulled right out into oncoming traffic before realizing my mistake.

me = idiot.

in other news, i am currently winning an eBay auction for this fall's french book (for $4.99!!!). that's what i'm talkin' about. and i got my linguistics book off amazon.com awhile ago for $8. sweeeeeeet. i am SO beating the system this year. i also logged into the computer enrollment system and fixed my spring 2006 schedule. my creative writing class finally opened up. so i swapped FRN 355 for ENG 226. i'm excited.

my third french test today was sick easy.

i played halo with joe last night and today. i've been getting a lot of double kills for some odd reason but I STILL SUCK AT HALO. i want to play dance dance revolution. and perfect dark! then i wouldn't lose ALL THE TIME. joe and i watched labryinth last night as well. WEIRD movie.

i really enjoy my writing class. i seriously sit in a cozy computer lab for three hours two days a week, talk to people on AIM, play on eBay, and update my livejournal. oh, and i somehow manage to still finish our modules on time. i am really really ecstatic about my status as a PW major. like i finally found the right program. it's so ME. and all the people in this class are kickass.

going home tomorrow night. wednesday i have a dermatologist appointment and lunch w/matthew before i have to beat it back to e. lansing for class.

i go home so much. it's going to be weird in the fall. although people who make me happy will be here, so maybe it'll be okay. don't ask me what is up with my continued homesickness. i think it's a matter of missing the people more than the place.

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dinosaur roar

oh jeff!

mrstylsonhimself: i think you and mork are kinda similar
mrstylsonhimself: you need attention all the time
mrstylsonhimself: and sometimes do things that cause you to look like idiots
mrstylsonhimself: but people forgive you cause you're cute
poptartfaerie: HAHA it's true it's true!

..and this is what i do in WRA 202 :)
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