January 17th, 2006

dinosaur roar

this is how it feels to not believe.

kathy gave me a livejournal nudge. i had no idea you could do that. but here is an update, just for her. =P

a brief breakdown of my classes this semester:

WRA 370: Editing & Style
this class is going to be more exciting than i thought; it might actually be worth having an 8am two days a week. lots of writing. something i haven't done in awhile.

WRA 410: Advanced Web Authoring
instead of buying books for this class, we had to purchase a webdomain for the duration of the semester. i chose kristenbyers.net. they guy i had the interview with @ the MATRIX (dean rehberger) is my prof. clearly, this class is going to be sweet.

WRA 360: Visual Rhetoric
i finally get to have danielle as a prof, and she is fucking amazing. plus she's got tattoos on her feet, which makes her even cooler. lots of cool PW kids in this class, including jessica. i am looking forward to all the crazy projects and discussions for this 4-credit class.

FRN 340: Reading French Lit.
ugh. this class is going to be a bitch. my prof is a cute old man, but i can barely keep up with his super fast french. he even gave the directions for our first quiz en français! talk about nerve-wracking. this one is gonna be tough.

ENG 226: Intro to Creative Writing
this class is going to be absolutely amazing. we just have to write 2 longer fiction pieces and workshop them. i also get to read like 25 of my classmates' papers throughout the semester and critique them. sounds a lot like honors english seminar. word.

dropped campus band, got hired at the state news. this semester promises to be great.

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