Kristen (pixiemab) wrote,

if we sleep together, will i like you better?

today was a half day of school. hooray for half days & having no homework. after school i stuck around for pit band practice. i am alternating casts with kaylee in order to accomodate for the shelter[ed] gig and her winterguard invitational. i'm glad i came up with a solution to that problem. this will also get all of my NHS service hours out of the way.

so after school, i'm walking out to my car with mike. i get to my car and unlock the door and he says, "are you coming over?" and i was like, "am i invited?" so we went to fenton to go to the bank, then he bought me burger king for lunch. (haha we were both having burger king cravings ... i think this is due to the fact we eat mcdonald's all the time. their chicken tenders beat our chicken nuggets hands down.)

we took our food back to mike's house, feasted on fries and chicken tenders, then went downstairs. i think we were going to watch TV ... but we sat on the couch talking, TV off. then we were laying down on the couch talking. before i know it, it's two hours later and i am waking up because mike was laying on top of my arm. we fell asleep!!!! i couldn't believe it. i had to make a mad dash home and change for work in order to make up for lost time.

last night i had a dream there were these creepy things crawling all over me (i can't remember what they were exactly). when i woke up i had scratch marks all down the front of me (even though i wore pajamas to bed?? weird). my skin is really dried out (from my three tanning sessions, most likely). i think this calls for an oatmeal bath.

Tags: mike's house
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