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tGUK concert (2)

wooooooooooooo! last night was AMAZING.

quotes of the night include:

"don't you hate it when you want to kiss someone and you can't?"

"i've maneuvered around bigger things."

"now would be a really bad time to get a boner."

"kristen is never navigating again!"

"guys, i'm not wearing any pants."


"how big is alex's penis REALLY?"

i had so much fun with matt, caitlyn, karen, rachel, and nathaniel. i don't think i've had that much fun in QUITE awhile. (nathaniel was right - chrystler freeway IS 375.)

i almost fell down a couple times but it was definitely a good thing having boys with us. nathaniel managed to get the crowd near us riled up a few times. i think he has a little bit of his older brother in him, haha. on the last song of the night ("10 minutes") matt and nathaniel picked me up and i crowd surfed! CAN WE SAY COOL? i think it is the greatest thing i have ever done.

i bought 5 buttons and the tiniest t-shirt ever (hey, the only shirt sizes left were youth medium's and XL's!).

i feel like i don't hang out with many seniors anymore and i need to more often. last night was great. a couple of us are talking about going to see phantom planet over spring break. fun fun!

oh joy. now i've got to run off to the NHS meeting before school ... then take a monster of a physics test that i did NOT study for. ah well. it was worth it.

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