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chasing the wrong signs.

this weekend has been really really really good. first off, no working at mcdonald's from thursday until tuesday (somehow i ended up requesting the entire weekend off? haha nice).

last night shelter[ed] played at the middle school band carnival. well, two-thirds of shelter[ed] anyway. at the last minute, jeff filled in for whitney. that was pretty interesting, but still really fun.

today was AMAZING. i woke up at 6:30am to go to bridal corner for their big sale. i was looking for alternate prom dresses or something i could use for graduation. alas, i found nothing. but when i tried to leave ... i discovered i had locked my keys in my car. in the ignition, nonetheless. at least the car wasn't on. so at 7:15am i had to call bill (my step-grandfather) and ask him to go to my house to get the spare set of keys. i felt like the biggest idiot ever. i've never locked my keys in my car before. *shakes head*

so after that incident, mike picked me up and we went to mcdonald's because i was craving a mcgriddle and shamrock shake. when i came home, it was time to go record! so whitney, amy, mr. sawade, and i went to nick diener's home to record. his house is quite possibly the nicest house i have ever set foot in (although jeff's is a close second).

it tooks us less than 3 hours to record four songs:

  • summer fling
  • lonely girl
  • melanie, melanie
  • i'm in love with a rockstar

    we sounded SO GOOD! i was very impressed with us. it only took us a couple takes to get each thing down ... even the vocals, which is usually our weakest aspect. we were just rockin' it out today.

    shelter[ed]'s "cd release show" is going to be friday, march 26th at the flint local 432. we have buttons now, too!! so you'd better come see us! or else!

    after the recording, we went to pier one and quizno's. i had a honey mustard chicken sandwich. YUM! have i mentioned i love honey mustard? i also purchased a birthday present for whitney. whitney bought me tulips. and i bought myself a vase. we are too funny.
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