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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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so for now i'll sit & wonder.
dinosaur roar

this week has gone by super super slow. i've been working and going to pit band rehearsals (let's just say cast A is definitely better ... so if you're going to go see the musical, hit one of the nights i won't be there, haha). yeah pit band. *rolls eyes*

tuesday night at work scott asked me to marry him. he said we could run away together. did i mention i love the people at mcdonald's?

yesterday i was really irritable. calculus just put me in an incredibly bad mood. however, my english group came over after school and we got so much work done on our playbill. i am not even kidding. granted, we did bring tacos from taco bell back to my house, but we have everything put together now except the summary (jessica called last night to let me know there were a few errors in it, and could i please print another one and bring it to school today?). ROCK ON! this is the first time we've had a project completed WAY before the deadline.

mike's dad finally relented about the phantom planet concert! can we say 'breakthrough'?

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woot for mcdonalds being fun!

call me crazy, but i still can't figure out what your icon is. please tell me?

it's a cupcake tin, i think?

awww, your icon is so cute. im a fan.

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