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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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wow, my mommy DOES love me.
dinosaur roar

my mom bought me cherry cordial ice cream because no one else will eat it! yay! that means i get a whole carton to myself. actually i've had it for like three weeks and this is my second bowl. haha. i keep forgetting about it. but it tastes sooooooooo good. everyone else in this house likes boring flavors (french vanilla? ew!).

so today was great. i learned that jessica & i got the only A on the last american problems test. i went to piano lesson and didn't get bitched at. i went to the bank with mike and matt. we almost got in a car accident (i SWEAR the jackass in the silver car hit mike). i went to the mall and bought my ticket for the phantom planet concert. i ate chinese food. i lost my photobooth virginity.

"public bathrooms take longer because you have to build a nest!"
- mike

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The only good use for french vanilla is milkshakes. DUH! sheesh Kristen, what were you thinking?

that bitch almost hit me too. small world, eh?

I'm glad to see you've been having such good times lately! Perfect weekends, losing photobooth virginity, and being proposed to. I have been lurking and making sure all is right with my favorite people...

As for Glen.. I know. Thank you for what you said.. It's good to know I'm not going to be stoned to death if I break up the supercouple. I was afraid to write it.. I thought everyone would hate me Heh


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