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wow, my mommy DOES love me.

my mom bought me cherry cordial ice cream because no one else will eat it! yay! that means i get a whole carton to myself. actually i've had it for like three weeks and this is my second bowl. haha. i keep forgetting about it. but it tastes sooooooooo good. everyone else in this house likes boring flavors (french vanilla? ew!).

so today was great. i learned that jessica & i got the only A on the last american problems test. i went to piano lesson and didn't get bitched at. i went to the bank with mike and matt. we almost got in a car accident (i SWEAR the jackass in the silver car hit mike). i went to the mall and bought my ticket for the phantom planet concert. i ate chinese food. i lost my photobooth virginity.

"public bathrooms take longer because you have to build a nest!"
- mike

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