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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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we moved together in the dark.
dinosaur roar

today was really great. aside from the fact that sheltered's cd was not done. i felt bad because kevin came into work just for me (he wasn't scheduled today). he was going to buy a copy from me .. and of course i didn't have a way to contact him to let him know i didn't have the cd. so i gave him a flyer to our show at the local and told him i didn't have anything else to offer, except my hand in marriage, of course.

other than that, work was very boring. it was so slow. yesterday was extremely slow, too. and it was SATURDAY! there is all this construction going on where US-23 and M-59 intersect. yesterday it was backed up for hours. it's super bad for business. they sent two people home today because we just didn't need them there. *shakes head*

i also spent a lot of money today. i have over $550 in the bank again, so i figured it was time to splurge. i ordered a custom navel barbell (it's going to be 10G and jewelled! rock ON!) and a new industrial barbell, too. it is going to have pretty green spiky ends. i'm so excited!

i also bought a new fossil watch, a hot vinyl purse, and a pair of steve madden shoes (as if i need anymore shoes! bahhh).

"cause behind its door
there's nothing to keep my fingers warm
and all i find are souvenirs from better times
before the gleam of your taillights fading east
to find yourself a better life.

i was searching for some legal document
as the rain beat down on the hood
when i stumbled upon pictures
i tried to forget
and that's how this idea
was drilled into my head."

- Death Cab for Cutie

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woot for having money and spending it! thats really cool. oh, and by the way, i think your new lj icon is freakin awsome. its surprisingly inspirational.

do you think Cutie's death cab would be a regular taxi cab, but maybe painted black?

sounds like a good guess to me :)

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