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why does this lonely girl feel nothing?

i have a CD of my own band and i can't stop listening to it. how pathetic is that?

i am supposed to be at pit band right now. dress rehearsals for 42nd street are tonight and tomorrow. i got there at 6pm, dropped off cds for jeff & mike, then went to subway to get something to eat. i was only going to play act II tonight because i haven't played it at all and tonight is kaylee's cast .. but when i got back to the school, the bandroom was locked from the outside. i was in an antagonistic mood anyway, so i took it as an omen to come home and work on my experience paper.

so here i am, taking a break from writing. i'm up to 6 pages of quality stuff (rather than the 2 pages of B.S. i've been passing off as my paper for the past week).

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