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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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with drops of jupiter in her hair.
dinosaur roar

so in the past twenty-four hours it has become devastatingly clear to me that my family is relocating this summer to a tiny town called jupiter, FL. (you gotta admit, it IS a cool name.) we'll be right on the atlantic ocean. and i mean RIGHT on it (i checked the atlas, and "jupiter" is actually written IN THE WATER, haha!). my dad got offered a job that will pay him three times what he makes, plus full benefits (something my family has not had in YEARS, since my mom worked in fast food) and a company car.

it's all fine & dandy but a little overwhelming. every college that i applied to, i had our current location in mind. everywhere that i applied is now two days away from anywhere in florida.

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that is a perdicament in deed.

that is a perdicament indeed.

haha, cant use the spacebar

kristen, you know you're always welcome here if you ever need a place to stay or get tired of your g-'rents.

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