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it would really be a sin not to have you in my arms.

ahhhhhh! life is so BUSY. i left the house at 7am this morning and didn't get home till just before 10pm. i went to school, then to piano lesson, then to mike's house for a nap & dinner, then back up to the high school to play in the pit band for the musical.

tomorrow's plans:

  • wake up early to study for calc
  • tanning appointment - 3pm
  • shelter[ed] practice - 4pm
  • lori (& maybe mike) meeting me at my house - 5:45pm
  • shelter[ed] at the local - sometime after 6:45pm

    and i know what i'm getting mike for his birthday!! mwahaha. and i'm going to be evil and brag about it in here so he has to suffer. it's pretty cool, if i do say so myself. buying gifts that people enjoy makes me feel accomplished.

    okay, it's officially PAST my bedtime. hooray for six hours of sleep. at least i have saturday off and can sleep in as long as my parents will allow me to.

    bon soir.

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