Kristen (pixiemab) wrote,

i still wear your heart around my throat.

went shopping again this morning/afternoon. i had the intent to buy prom jewelry, but it is going to be so TOUGH to find a necklace to match my dress. damn coral color. bahhh. there is no gold jewelry that i like! anyway. so i bought a couple other items instead:

  • five sweaters from DEB (hey, they were $3 each and i'll thank myself next fall!)
  • rockin' dress for graduation
  • even more rockin' shoes to match (lilac with big sequined flowers! ooo!)
  • bulky silver chain necklace with a heart charm (hence the title of this entry)

    ran into nathaniel at the mall and talked to him for a couple minutes. he's leaving for closeup for all of next week so school is going to be lonely.

    last night shelter[ed] performed at the flint local 432. i guess it was sort of our cd release show, but i'm pretty sure we didn't sell a single cd. oh well. c'est la vie. while i was breaking down my drumset this african american girl suddenly appeared and was started talking to me like she knew me. she said, "hi, how are you?" and i said, "good, how are you?" thinking maybe i knew her from somewhere. then she asked, "are you okay? you looked a little off out there." and i said, "nah, i'm fine.." "oh, it looked like your wrist locked up for a bit while you were playing." i was confused. then she disappeared again. weird?

    tonight is the last performance of the school musical. oh joy. i will be SO glad when pit band is over. at least it's getting all of my NHS service hours out of the way so i can wear cords at graduation.

    speaking of graduation, i don't think i mentioned my mom ordered me a computer this week. a brand spanking new pentium 4 DELL with a 15" flat screen monitor. woo woo! and apparently my grandma has my gift already too ... but my mom's not leaking any information regarding that one.

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