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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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dinosaur roar
i spent the majority of today at sean's house. i went over there around two-something and just got home at about eight-forty. i love spending time with him. it is always the highlight of my week. we watched blast, played video games with gabe [they kicked my butt], and then caught the end of she's all that on tv. maybe i'm just obsessed [i hope that's not it]. if this isn't love i don't know what is. sean is all i think about, all i talk about, the first guy to call me on the phone, my best friend, my first real boyfriend, my first kiss, the only guy i've done anything with. i took out my double-zero gauge plugs for him and downsized to a measly eight gauge. he's the only person i'd do that for. [i'm actually thinking about putting them back in, because i feel like a part of me was lost in losing the huge holes in my ears].

lately i've even noticed myself finding him physically attractive. big step for me. he really is cute. he has nifty colored eyes and his sideburns are downright sexy. i like his ass. he has that perfect curve in his lower back. and that trail of hair beneath his navel ... oh baby, oh baby.

i titled this entry after him because i have one titled with almost everyone else's name, even two with alex's name, so i figured it was sean's turn.

and sean ... i know you will be reading this, eventually. so when you do, i just want you to know that you mean the world to me.