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six. car. CRUNCH!

yesterday was highly eventful. matt and i ventured down to the royal oak theatre to see death cab for cutie & ben kweller. on the way down we were involved in a six car accident. i was driving my dad's bonneville. thank goodness it was only the two of us in the car!

we were on 696 heading east and traffic had been really bad (it was rush hour and I-75 was closed due to a big accident). things we just starting to speed up again (we were going about 25-30mph) when a car two cars in front of me just STOPS dead in the road. the car directly in front of me swerved to the left to avoid it, but i put on my brakes because i had enough time to stop. dad's antilock brakes kicked in (it was raining & the roads were wet, so that's probably why). i remember saying outloud, "whoa, antilock brakes!" i went to put my foot back on the accelerator ... and WHAM! this red sunfire behind me runs right into me. i check my rearview mirror and watch as a black envoy smashes into the sunfire. it was like dominoes!

i was like, oh my gosh, what am i supposed to do?! so i pulled over with the other cars. we were on the shoulder of the nearest exit. the cars on the freeway were still going pretty slow so i felt decently safe. i called my dad and started to get a panicky feeling in my throat like i was going to cry, but i didn't.

it took TWO HOURS for the cops to get there and to file the report. the cop was really condescending. i didn't like that. he was a huge african american guy, so he was intimidating enough without the attitude he took with me. i think he wanted to put me at fault just because i am a kid and i was up front. *rolls eyes*

so matt and i didn't get to the concert until 8:30pm. from what i observed, royal oak theatre is a really really REALLY nice venue in a very cute, cultural part of town. matt and i only saw 4 or 5 of death cab for cutie's songs. but i bought a cool shirt. and matt bought me a bottle strawberry crush and a package of swedish fish at a gas station on the way home. so the night wasn't a complete loss. oh, and the oral sex was good, too. ;)

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