time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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So the other day at Shelter[ed] practice...
dinosaur roar
...whitney and i lost our virginities together. amy enjoyed watching. so i've decided that i'm done with boys from now on. i'm now a full-out lesbian. there, i said it. that's right, dykosaurus right here in the byers estate. hopefully you'll support me with my decision.

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hmmm... i don't think this is kristen...

i know, i'm just as mad as you are. don't worry, we'll catch whoever did it and lynch them.

all right!! woo! lynching party at my house!

i think it's pretty obvious this wasn't me because i ALWAYS use the p align="justify" code on all of my entries so they line up real nice :)

that was a v. dumb thing to do. Telling them your trick. *shakes head* v. dumb indeed.

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