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green & white?

so i guess it's pretty official now: i will be attending michigan state university this fall. it definitely wasn't my first choice, but certainly not too shabby considering it was my "safety school". i've had my admissions deposit paid and my housing preferences submitted for quite awhile, but i was half expecting not to go through with any of it.

i tested into french 201 and mth 132 (calculus 1). i think i am going to take mth 152h and use calculus as my honors class for the first semester. my tier 1 writing requirement is also waived because i scored perfect on the english portion of the ACT. basically that means i can take whatever the hell english class i want.

college should be a good time. even though i heard some people were rooting for me to get into an ivy league just so they wouldn't have to see me at MSU. well guess what: the campus is huge, and i don't plan on ever seeing you again, either.

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