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you swore you loved me more.

today could not have been a more perfect day to kick off my spring break. i feel so ... fulfilled.

yesterday at start spring smart i won a gift certificate for two dinner entrees at the fenton hotel. mike & i decided we're gonna dress up and go out to dinner sometime next week. how hot is that? i love having a boyfriend who actually likes to dress up.

last night i worked from 4:30-8:45pm. work kinda sucked; i was really tired and i cut my finger open on one of the new shake machine components. my finger didn't stop bleeding for like two hours. even now, my finger looks pretty nasty. i came home and talked to mike on the phone for quite awhile. it was really nice. he spent like three hours trying to instill something in me. i'm not sure it worked, but it was a nice conversation anyway. i think it was karen who said something like, "no summer is complete without a conversation that keeps you up past your bedtime." the same applies for spring break.

today i woke up at 11 am and went tanning. then i met kathy & dad at burger king but didn't eat anything because it's friday and i wanted chicken tenders and couldn't have them. went to michael's with kathy and picked up a few miscellaneous items.

then i came home and putzed around the house for awhile. i cleaned out some more crap in my room, painted my fingernails and toenails, etc. i got my new body jewelry in the mail today. my new industrial bar is HOT! it has swirly green spikes on the ends. and my new navel barbell is purdy too, but i think they sent me a 7/16" instead of 3/8". oh well. i'm considering downsizing it to 14G just so finding jewelry for it isn't such a pain in the ass.

after mike got out of work i went over to his house for a little while, where we watched two episodes of full house. classic early 90's! then we went to kembalaya's to see jeff play for about half an hour. THEN we went to VGs to meet matt at the end of his shift. mike and i drove up to consolidated ink & steel with jessica and brett to get matt's ear pierced. it was quite the adventure! and matt's new cartilage piercing looks amazing! [he'd better post pictures!!] it's up there on my list of coolest gifts i've ever given, right next to sean's scrapbook and mike's framed silhouette. i love birthdays. :D

speaking of birthdays, tomorrow i am going shopping for kathy and mike's birthday presents. which means i have to get up at a reasonable time, so i'm off to bed. <33333

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