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if i could blink, if i could breathe.

last night rocked hardcore! mike, matt, and i went to see phantom planet at st. andrew's hall. one of the two opening bands, the thrills, was actually pretty good! and phantom planet was AMAZING! at one point the lead singer was surfing the crowd and my hand was on his upper leg for a good amount of time. afterwards, mike kept saying, "why didn't you grab his crotch?!" yeah, i honestly thought about it but then at the last minute my conscience got the best of me. what if i was ever in the same situation? i wouldn't want strangers groping me.

there was a guy on crutches who was way up near the front of the crowd who should NOT have been there. that was kind of annoying. he was slightly prohibiting others from having a good time.

after the concert we made a burger king run because matt and i really really really wanted chicken tenders!! mmmmmm....

mike insisted i was too tired to drive myself home, so he drove me and my car home and matt followed. then matt took mike back home. i feel bad for making them go out of their way, but i was pretty tired.

today i work 12-8pm; my crappiest shift of the week. my second crappiest shift is tomorrow's 10-6pm .... then the rest of the week is smooth sailing.

this spring break is turning out to be amazing.

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