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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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i'd end my days with you.
dinosaur roar

today was grand! i worked from 11-3pm. work wasn't so bad; 4 hours is MUCH better than 8!! plus scott & kevin were there. after work i went over to mike's house, where we watched monty python & the holy grail. then we took katy and allison to youth group and came back to mike's house. matt came over and we ate dinner; barbecue chicken! yummm. matt bought me a matchbox twenty cd as a random gift (can we officially declare him one of the nicest boys ever?). i love it, especially the acoustic version of "crutch".

after dinner, the three of us went to uncle ray's for ice cream. (since when does rachel gorton work there?!) mike let me wear his old school MSU sweatshirt. we ran into chelsea cox, francisco, and shana. matt, mike, and i made an emergency trip to wal-mart. i bought prints of some of the pictures on matt's camera. matt gave me a couple bucks and i purchased a pair of tweezers for him ... he insisted he would look "too girly" buying a pair of eyebrow tweezers. perhaps he is right. i bought a sexy nail clipper to go on my keys and some nail strengthener stuff. my hands are really starting to look not too bad!

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*blushes* why thank you kristen!

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