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i know who i want to take me home.

the end of this spring break was a good one. friday night, matt and i went over to mike's to watch kill bill vol. 1. i saw it in the theatre way back during marching band season and needed a refresher before running out to see kill bill vol. 2. anyway, the movie was just as good the second time around. and of course the company was great.

saturday i went tanning & got my hair cut. i didn't realize how long it was getting until i let misty cut it all off. it looks good - very witch babyesque. after this haitcut, i'm growing it back out. short is hot, but i miss the versatility of longer hair.

mike's party on saturday afternoon was alright. i always feel funny when we're with all of his friends and none of mine. after much ado over lyndsey missing the changeover to I-69 east, we all headed over to the local to watch assembly required. they were okay - just damn loud. during their sound check when they turned conor's drum mics up so high i was like oh shit. then after they started playing, i realized they'd never checked the vocal mics at all. jeff's lyrics were indistinguishable.

most of us went right back to mike's after watching ass req. we played a brief game of suck & blow, a few rounds of spoons, and then sat out by the fire on the deck. mmmmm, fire. i've washed my hair and it still smells like smoke! i felt a little better this time because matt and alex were there for me to chill with.

yesterday i went to 10 o'clock mass as usual. i was supposed to work 1-3:30pm, but chris called and asked me to come in early. so i went in at noon and ended up working until seven. i honestly had nothing better to do, so it was cool. money's always a good thing.

this break was simply far too short.

our english seminar outline is due tuesday, right?! that's what i wrote down ... but everyone seems to have it finished except me. hrrmmph.

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