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lost in her eyes.

today was grand Grand GRAND. i love half days; they always leave me feeling so accomplished. after school i went tanning, and then to mancino's with michael & matthew. the boys ordered for me so the order would be out by the time i was done tanning. i had the usual turkey grinder .. yummy. and mike even knew to get me code red mountain dew. or maybe that was matt's move, i'm not sure. either way, it was a good lunch.

then we went to boyd's bridal to look at tuxedos for the boys. it was interesting, to say the least. they are both going to look really snazzy. instead of going back to boyd's to buy the $42 necklace i'm in love with, i'm purchasing a 14k gold star nose stud (it will match the necklace i already have perfectly!) and a pair of amber colored pyrex plugs from glasswear studios. that necklace is so gorgeous, but oh well i guess. i will wear the plugs and nose stud a lot more.

in other news - i am going to cedar point with the band! [who wants to take me on roller coasters?!] and i have a day to decide if i'd like to go with physics as well (actually i'd love to, but again, it's a money thing).

dad instant messaged me last night to tell me goodnight (he's in chicago), and he also told me that we are for sure NOT MOVING!!! oh happy day!! i am so glad - our house is looking so NICE. our new flooring is gorgeous and there is a guy here painting my family room as i type this.

matt sent me a hot piano version of matchbox twenty's song "3am". i think i'm in love!

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