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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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letting you too close was my mistake.
dinosaur roar

matt & i also scored 52//50 on yesterday's partner physics test. aren't we amazing?! we screw around during class, ms. freund yells at us all the time, and yet we still manage to absorb everything.

prom is tomorrow! whoa. crazy stuff. it will definitely be better than last year's prom. not that last year was bad, but you know. i was more nervous than excited because i was going with josh. and while i was there i just felt so sad.

i picked up my dress from being pressed yesterday (it still had some funny creases in it from hanging up on the original rack). i also received my spiffy new plugs two days ago. they are hot! now i'm just waiting on my 14k gold nose stud. it's going to match my necklace perfectly. :D

i went with matt & mike to get their tuxedos yesterday. we ran into sean and a bunch of other linden people at boyd's bridal. fun stuff (?). the boys are adorable, really.

tonight i work 5-8pm, then afterwards i'm hitting up amy's birthday party for a little while.

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hey dude. our prom is tomorrow too! 'twill be a party.

that was fun. we are gonna look SOOOO hot!

hope prom is fun :) and please, please post pics so that i can see :)

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