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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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senior prom 2oo4!!!
dinosaur roar

prom last night was amazing! my hair appointment was at 1pm at j.d. michel's. i ran into caitlyn in the parking lot. while we were walking in, i hear, "kristen!" i turn around to see michael heading into boyd's bridal to pick up his shoes (his original ones were too big). he came and sat with caitlyn and me while we waited, and the entire time he was gushing about how gorgeous our flowers are (he had picked them up in the morning).

after my hair appointment, i ran home to do my makeup. then matt came over for about half an hour so we could conduct an emergency calculus study session. mike picked me up at about 3:45pm so we could go see his bosses up at at the greenhouse before heading over to tracie's house. once there, we took a million pictures. i ate a bunch of strawberries and a whole lot of cheese.

then we went to dragon pearl for appetizers. i ate an egg roll, some of tracie's fried rice, and drank hot tea. we were all ready to head up to prom when one of the straps on amy's dress broke! so we had to head back to the nichols' house to do a quick fix.

finally we were on our way. i somehow talked mike into taking the truck (woohoo! i win!). the weather was rainy and kinda yucky. prom was amazing, though. much better than last year. my dad asked me what the highlight of the night was, and i told him it was mrs. quinlan telling mike he was "flaming". i love mrs. quinlan!

i took my shoes off for the first time in my ENTIRE formal dance career. it wasn't so much that my shoes were uncomfortable ... i was just dancing SO much!

afterwards a bunch of us went to mike's house and watched some south park movie. i came home and went to bed promptly at 3am.


chelsea cox - weetzie bat!
devon ingman - he pulled off purple!
megan lang - mermaid!
claire montana - classy!
dan nesterovski - he pulled off hot pink!

phil conyer - easter bunny!
mattea jeungle - wilma flintstone!
ashley ransley - little red riding hood!

matt, kathy, me, mike

big group shot!

[lori, bill, me, mike, tracie, jordan, amy, matt, kathy, jeff]

me & mike

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very nice! and gracious! you are so tan!

i know! i didn't even realize it until i saw all those pictures ... guess i haven't really been showing much skin recently until yesterday.

no more tanning for me!

I never had a chance to tell you, but you looked very pretty yesterday.

awww, thank you, amy! you looked very pretty as well. too bad i straightened my hair and you curled yours - we could've looked alike. every time i look at these pictures i see how much i DO look like you!

did anyone tell mattea that zebras don't have feathers?

thanks for posting pics. you look great!

everyone looked so great. that was fun.

dude, those flowers ARE awesome. everyone was gorgeous! makes me wish i'd gone to prom. that's okay, i still have next year!! :)

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