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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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cedar point rocks my socks!
dinosaur roar

this is turning out to be the best weekend EVER! last night mike and matt came up to mcdonald's while i was working, and mike brought me sweetheart roses. awwww! no boy has ever bought me flowers for no apparent reason. it was the cutest gesture ever. and since we were so SLOW last night, fran let me go home a whole 45 minutes early. cool! so i went to mike's house for a little while. we watched tv and matt gave me a really long (and good!) foot massage.

today i went with the band to cedar point. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! it was so amazing! i actually went on RIDE rides. yayyyyy! i am so PROUD of myself!

coasters i rode, in order:

  • iron dragon
  • corkscrew
  • mean streak
  • mine ride
  • raptor
  • gemini
  • magnum
  • raptor (again!)
  • disastor transport

    coral, skye, mike, and i got this sweet picture of us on the magnum. i liked that and the raptor the best. wednesday i am going to cedar point AGAIN with the physics/chemistry classes. i HAVE to go on the mantis and millenium force. who's with me?!


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    ahhh, that ride broke down about fifteen times while we were there! no way. hehe.

    oww shucks. i hope its running when i go.
    its a fun ride. but i like the millenium the best.

    im down for both of those, heh heh, im still a little bit afraid of the mantis, but ill manage.

    you gotta ride the TWISTER! mmmmm.

    you guys suck!
    I'm staying here because of the fenton track meet. :(

    cedar point was awsome!!! ok, we'll go on the millenium force wednesday. i'm scared but excited.

    if I can do it you can. :) just dont pee your pants

    *peers down at the entry below*

    cool tattoo idea, I would like to see it materialize..

    RIDE rides? what are RIDE rides as opposed to rides??

    roller coasters & thrill rides vs. kiddie & carnival rides.

    Oh man! I wish I could go!
    I would go on all of the rides even if I were required to consume a vast amount of edible material before each ride. I would have fun, and test out a bit of projectile vomit at the same time. If you and Matt don't go on either the dragster or the millenium force, you guys are the first on my loser/wuss list.

    i'm definitely going on the millenium force, but i'm not so sure about the top thrill dragster...

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