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"kristen's been with more guys than a buffalo wild horse"

"kevin, you apologize to her right now!"

man, i feel stupid for not wanting to go to work today. it was the most painless 8-hour shift i have EVER worked. mainly because all the fun people were there today! seriously. it all started when kevin got there and started belting out dido lyrics. then i started serenading him with celine dion and matt threw fries at me. fran kept trying to keep me occupied, but i kept finishing every job she gave me. it was great. finally fran just gave up. she did change the radio station to something different, though. so then kevin, dwayne, matt, and i were doing the loveshack dance behind the grill. it was a grand time.

tonight is the second night of band bounce. i hope it goes well again. :D

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