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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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school's out for ever!
dinosaur roar

yesterday was my last day of high school. it doesn't really feel like it, especially since i have to go back on monday for mrs. porter's surprise party. we are having a catered taco bar, a cake from the french confection, and all sorts of good stuff. should be a good time, provided everyone decides to show up. they should, since the whole thing cost the 34 of us about $10/each. :D

i have about 30 peoples' senior pictures; that makes me happy. i picked up my cap & gown yesterday. i like my hat and tassel, even though it makes my hair look kinda funky.

i was out late last night with matt and mike, and now i have go to work. hehe.

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last night was very relaxing. i had such a good time. haha, even though you fell asleep.

i called you guys. =(

by the way, your hair looked very nice, honestly. You just think it looked funky. psssshhhh silly girl :)

even when we do nothing, we have a great time. i love the three of us.

I am going for my marching band autition on the 9th. I dont quite understand the whole process of it yet though.

i'm going on the 9th, too. did you get the e-mail about it? it was decently informative - they attached a list of frequently asked questions and stuff. i also e-mailed them back and they were pretty helpful. i can forward it to you if you didn't get one ..?

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