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i wish that you would just leave.

i've been sooooooo busy!

THURSDAY - motion city soundtrack/get up kids/thrice/dashboard confessional concert at DTE. amazing show! i bought a shirt and hung out with amy, whitney, mike, and matt.

FRIDAY - last day of school. it wasn't horribly eventful. mike managed to skip the entirety of his spanish class and came to chill with me in french. mrs. quinlan also told matt and me that mrs. porter & mrs. rogulsky had been gossiping about whether or not the two of us are dating. we all had a good laugh. after school, matt came over and we ate chinese food with my mom and dad. then we went to mike's after he got out of work. some of the band parents were over at the mcgreevy's playing bunco. i fell asleep on mike's basement couch for about an hour and a half. mike had to pick me up and practically carry me out to my car, which he so graciously drove home for me. <3333

SATURDAY - worked 7:30-10:15am, then had to head over to the fenton masonic temple for a luncheon. i received a scholarship for $300. hot stuff. i changed my clothes and went over to matt's house, where we lounged around his room until mike got there. then the three of us hung out and did absolutely nothing (literally!) until it was time for jeff's party. i went tubing and got kind of beat up. not as bad as john did (his leg looked awful), but it's two days later and my arms and upper back are STILL sore.

SUNDAY - worked 6-11am because i am a nice girl and traded kevin shifts. afterwards, i came home and took a nice, four-hour long nap. it was grand. then i went to mike's house for dinner. we ate brauts cooked on the grill (complete with honey mustard!), and i got to meet his aunt suzanne and uncle george who are in from california. i had to go home kinda early since mike is still in school.

MONDAY - went in to school for mrs. porter's surprise party. she loved everything! the tacos, cake, and gift were all amazing. 31 out of the 34 students in the class showed up. definitely not a bad turnout. after the party, matthew and i went shopping for graduation gifts. after mike got out of school, the three of us went up to flint. we ate dinner at chili's and then shopped around borders for a little while. then we went to my piano recital, where i had a grand old time blowing off the band banquet. i'm glad mike isn't so caught up in being drum major that he would pass up me for the banquet. that makes me happy.

anyway, i need sleep.

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