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build my rocket to the stars.

good day all around!

matthew and i picked up mancino's for lunch and met mike up at the school during B lunch. it was a good time! then matt and i were going to leave, and we passed mrs. quinlan's room. we stopped in to say hi, and she was throwing away all these great french posters. so matt, eric, jamie, and i went garbage picking. we also found a few books. i even picked up a children's book - "sais-tu comment naissent les enfants?" ("do you know how babies are born?"). omg. it's frickin' hilarious. it's twice as funny as a regular sexuality book because the words are all in french so i can't understand half of it, but the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. hehe.

aaaaaanyway. when i arrived home, i checked the mailbox as usual. i received the robert c. byrd scholarship! SCOOOORE! that's $1500. i am also eligible for the AT&T housing scholarship at MSU! that would give me free room & board, meals, AND hook me up with a university housing internship. talk about a sweet deal. i gotta write an essay for that pretty soon.

well, i'm off to get ready for work! ciao.

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