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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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how amazing it feels to live again.
dinosaur roar

i have worked SO much the past couple days...

THURSDAY: 5:45-10:00pm
FRIDAY: 2:30-10:30pm
SATURDAY: 8am-1pm
SUNDAY: 11:30am-5pm
TODAY: 7am-3pm

that comes to a grand total of 30.25 hours in 5 consecutive days. holy CRAP am i sick of work. thank goodness i have tuesday through thursday off. although tuesday is the baccalaureate & graduation .. then project graduation is afterwards (which i am going to be SO tired for, i have NO idea how i will manage to stay up until 5:30am and still be able to drive home safely?! wtf). i think that a nap is in order tuesday afternoon.

i did get to work grill yesterday. that was entertaining. that's right, i have worked at mcdonald's for 6 months and had never actually cooked the food or assembled a sandwich until yesterday. i managed to burn some grilled chicken really bad. hehe.

this weekend has been so horrible in general. grrr. today i have to run over to meet my family at the stamm's house directly after work and i don't really want to. i need to practice piano, send a few thank you notes, play mellophone, and write an essay for the MSU housing scholarship.

on a happier note, i will be eighteen in seven days. my tattoo is going to be hot, i promise!

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yes, your tattoo will be hot! i cant wait for your birthday, t'will be grand.

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