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the first star you see may not be a star.

so last night was graduation. the ceremony was just okay. in fact, it kind of sucked. kamal and amanda had very good speeches. kamal mentioned a lot of special things about our class, and amanda's speech theme was a euchre game. the band played "towards a northern star" and i wasn't even sad that it will be the last thing that i ever play with them.

mr. bourdon's commencement speech for us was so long and pointless. i got more pissed off that he was our speaker every minute that he talked. all he did was single out a bunch of people and it was stupid. oh, and he made all the WWII veterans in the audience stand up. what the heck? i could understand if he was going to connect it to his speech, but no. *sigh* i must've asked kevin what time it was about 80 times. FINALLY we got to walk. it was hot in the gym and we kept smelling smoke. then the microphones quit working. hmm, maybe we were smelling electrical? weird.

then project graduation was afterwards. i hung out a lot with matt, caitlyn, and other miscellaneous people throughout the night. the first thing we did was go watch a hypnotist for like an hour and a half. at first i was skeptical. very skeptical. then he did this group hypnosis thing on jeff krause, caitlin mlinarich, francisco espinoza, steve warner, sean (corey), zac dajos, and desi mayner. he made them do all sorts of weird things like laugh, be sad, act hot and cold, and imagine their best and worst kisses. caitlin and sean were really into it, especially the kissing ones. we are talking tongue and hands and everything. sean's face was SO repulsed on the worst kiss memory. jordan leaned over and said, "hey kristen, he's thinking of you!" i hit him. :)

i played laser tag, ate a lot of food, and was the second person called for the drawing!!! i was so overwhelmed: they had mini-fridges, televisions, DVD players, bicycles, laundry baskets full of stuff for dorm rooms, and TONS of other stuff. i didn't know what to choose. i finally settled on a stereo because i have never even owned one. it's pretty nice, actually.

the last thing i did was play euchre with matt, kelly, and amy. i was tired and matt kept calling hearts when kelly and i had black loner hands.

i don't know what to do with myself today. i woke up at noon so that i can TRY to resume a normal sleep schedule tonight. should i go up to the mall? i can't decide. i don't really have anything to do tomorrow, either. ugh - boredom.

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