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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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i'd run a thousand miles to get you.
dinosaur roar

matthew brought me a hot messenger bag from east lansing! word up, bitches. matt is one cool kid in the hizouse.

seriously, though, matt and i ate lunch at quizno's and it was a good time.

now i'm sitting at home procrastinating over my AT&T housing scholarship essay. haha. i better get a move on if i want a chance at free room & board plus meal plan! *crosses fingers*

i can also play my entire mellophone audition piece now. what a relief. i've never learned a solo on any instrument except piano .... damn. it's a new milestone.

mom called home and made me start dinner. what a mistake. i hope it doesn't turn out too crappy. i was all for eating the rest of my quizno's classic italian sub, but my mom wanted chicken so chicken it is.

work 8:30am-3pm
chiropractic appointment 4pm
harry potter w/michael 7pm

attend open houses
give tracie & jessica their hot presents
chill with matt & mike(?)

baccalaureate at st. john's

ONLY FOUR MORE DAYS UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY! then i get to obtain some more .... bodily additions, if you will. ;)

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that makes it sound like you're getting breast implants or something, lol. That's cool though, I hope that you have fun on your birthday.

kristen with breast implants? excuse me if i giggle. i get a hot present? nice. see you saturday. nancy will be here.

hmm. what is she getting?? if you're getting your hood pierced, i wanna get it done too! give me a call this summa. we should hang out. we only live on the same street. even though you probably hate me. i hope not.
you have a cute butt. hehe.

i would, except that i think mike would have a heart attack. hehe

we should hang out, and i definitely don't hate you!

kristen, don't listen to anything lauren tells you. lol. your birthday will be grand, grand, grand...

yes, yes it will.
...and i think lauren is a very wise girl....lol

awwww, thanks darlin.

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