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do you think i deserve this?

i'm in such a great mood! i have to work tonight and tomorrow, and i actually don't mind. eighteen in one more day! whee for new piercings.

yesterday i hit up tracie and jessica's open houses. i had a really good time. jessica definitely had great food. i also received my housing assignment for msu. i am in bryan hall. needless to say, i am not too thrilled, but i'm going to make the best of it. quiet hall???? pffffft.

today i woke up early to go to the baccalaureate at st. john's. holy crap, the kids i went to elementary school make me nervous. *shudders* except for katelyn and christina, i like them. katelyn is going to msu so maybe i'll see her around.

my mom says my msu audition piece "sounds a lot better". i am getting kind of excited now that i know i won't totally suck at the marching band audition. even if i make it as an alternate, i will be psyched.

my family let me open my birthday presents from them today. i received two books, a pillow, a set of sheets, a set of towels, three pairs of underwear, six pairs of socks, a shirt, a pack of printable CD-R's, and a $20 gift certificate to jcpenney's salon to "get my nails done". i have wanted to get my nails done forever, and after my senior recital is over, i can. now i feel silly because two days ago i slammed my right index finger in a door and it's all purple and black-ish underneath my nail. it's so sick - why would i want a manicure now? :( i'd think about acrylics or tips, but those are so bad for your natural nails, and mine are already pretty horrible as it is from years of biting them. it's a conundrum!

my mom has monogrammed all of my towels and they look so hot!

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