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yesterday i worked 12-6pm, and i got hit on by these two college kids who turned out to be kevin's older brother and his friend (his friend was doing most of the hitting). it was funny. i only had about 10 minutes left of my shift and these two guys come in. first they came up to the counter and kevin's brother's friend, who happens to be asian, said, "my bitch here is paying for me to have a number one." kevin's brother was like, "hey, i am NOT your bitch .. but i'll have a number one as well." then when i told them the total, the asian kid said, "what?? only $7.06? i think i need another one!" and kevin's brother gave him a look.

while they were waiting for their food, asian boy was looking in the showcase we have up front. right now it has pictures of all the graduating seniors who work at my mcdonald's and then a little bio about us. all of a sudden, he bursts out, "kristen byers is HOT!" i thought he was making fun of me and had put two and two together by looking at my nametag, so i just kind of smiled and shook my head. then kevin's brother says, "hey, slick, SHE's kristen." his friend just kind of said, "ohhh..."

then the entire rest of the time they were waiting, they just kept on whispering. "how old do you think she is? if she's graduating, she has to be at LEAST eighteen. is that too young? ask if she has a boyfriend, man. wait, no, first ask how old she is." it was all i could do not to bust out laughing. did they think i couldn't hear them?

then kevin and nick came in because they were scheduled to work at 6pm. by this time i am taking other orders and such. nick comes up and says, "hey, kristen, how old are you again?"

"i turn eighteen tomor - wait a minute! why?"

"no reason..."

then kevin appeared and said, "yeah, that's my brother. check out his car." he points to this yellow mustang convertible sitting in the parking lot.

"how old are they again?"

"my brother just turned 21 and his friend's 22."

*To be updated later, gotta go to the chiropractor*

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